Karl Stephane Cherval

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Karl Stephane Cherval

He describes himself as a car Aficionado – we asked ourselves the same question, and by Google’s definition, it is a person who is deeply knowledgeable and enthusiastic about a subject. Let us start by saying Karl, you win this round of Scrabble.  

Early 2021 we welcome Karl-Stephane Cherval in our Citroën Sales Team with a simple yet meticulous to-do. Accompanying and counsel each client towards a car purchase. Orientate their choice towards the right car suiting the client’s wants and needs and ensuring a bona fide customer experience. Easily said than done but we have full confidence in Karl to make things happen.  

While all of this is a beautiful promise to keep, Karl started his career in the beverage industry after university and later joined Jeep Alfa Romeo and ABC motors. Learning through difficulties to finally choose difference with Citroën.

When asked why Citroën, this is what Karl had to say, “It is a brand with a deep history in innovation and anchored in the French culture that has always done things differently. Be different, feel good as their motto.” It is not only the brand that makes him smile but the team too. 

We went a little up-close-and-personal and asked Karl a few questions, and here is what he had to say. 

If a genie asks you for 3 wishes, what would they be? 🧞

There is some much that can be said! But in today’s world I would saw more joy, less problems for our dear planet earth and food and shelter for every single human being.  

What advice would you give to those who want to join the automobile industry? 🚗

Go for it! It is an illustrious career to have, can be tough but worth it. Always remember that a good service to the client is key to your success.  

Are you a cat or dog person? 🐱🐶 (So, tell us if you have any and what is their name) 

Both! But I love animals in general. Also, I have 3 dogs namely, Max. Belle and Pounette!  

Your most hated household chore? 🏡

Definitely dish washing! 

One song you sing in your car? 🎵🎤

English man in New York – Sting 

On this note, we wish dearest Karl a fruitful and fun-filled journey in the team, and we count of your support to leverage both the brand and enhance the customer journey.