January 19, 2022

Young, ambitious and carefree Guillaume Dorza

Young, ambitious, and carefree and yes, we are talking about Guillaume Dorza.

Young, ambitious, and carefree and yes, we are talking about Guillaume Dorza. 30 years of age with four years as Sales representative of the Citroën brand at Axess. Beforehand, Guillaume was in the beverage business with Red Bull and Phoenix Beverages. Looking after key customers regarding nightlife and events was the prime prospects of Guillaume.  

We got curious and asked Guillaume how he came in this line, “A friend of mine was telling me about this job opportunity and at the same time I was quite fed up working mostly at night. So, I seized the opportunity. On top of that my parents drove only French cars, so I believe it was an easy choice as I knew the cars already. Apart from that I like the originality that they bring to the car industry. It was an opportunity with passion.”  Sales are quite some jobs, and one must be informative and versatile and challenging. “The most challenging about the job is the organization of your prospect and as well as being in line with the market’s demand of the product. I am confident towards Citroën because of the evolution of the brand in the past four years shows that Citroën is growing in people’s perspective” says Guillaume.  

Quick round of questions with Guillaume and here’s what we got to know. 

Your favorite car🚗

Shelby Cobra 500

What’s your go-to-productivity trick?👍

Self-accomplishment and Money

If a genie asks you for 3 wishes, what would they be?🧞



☑️Eternal youth

What advice would you give to your teenage self?🤗

Don’t listen to people they don’t know better

If you could write a book about your life, what would the title be and why?📖

“Keep Calm” – because I used to stress a lot about simple things

What’s one thing you’re currently trying to make a habit?

☑️Waking up early

☑️Just for fun

Are you a cat or dog person? (so, tell us if you have any and what’s their name)

I’m both! I used to have a cat and I have three dogs namely EOS, ARES,BOB

What is your hidden talent?✨

Not that I know

Your most hated household chore?🏠

The dishes.

One song you sing in your car🎵

White Crime– Lil Dicky

Your motto😊

You can’t live fully if you don’t live now!